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BIC in Carrboro

Carrboro Building Integrated Communities is a one year collaboration between the City of Carrboro and Refugee Community Partnership to develop a Language Access Plan. On Tuesday, April 9th, the Carrboro Town Council unanimously approved the Language Access Plan. The Language Access Plan outlines the how the Town will interact with community members who speak languages other than English, about 15% of the Town’s population. Over the past year, staff from the Town of Carrboro and Refugee Community Partnership participated in monthly workshops with the Building Integrated Communities team to develop the Language Access Plan. To learn more, please review the documents below.

Contact Us

For information about the Carrboro BIC program, contact:

Emily Spangenberg
BIC Bilingual Program Associate
Habla español

Catherine Lazorko
Town of Carrboro Liaison
(919) 918-7314

Daniella Runyambo
Refugee Community Partnership Liaison
(919) 410-3054

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