The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, DACA, program in North Carolina: Perspectives from Immigrants and Community-Based Organizations

Hannah Gill and Sara Peña | The Latino Migration Project

Hispanic Community Assessment for El Vínculo Hispano/The Hispanic Liaison, EVH

Hannah Gill and Jessica White | The Latino Migration Project

Building Integrated Communities through Language Rights

Deborah M. Weissman (faculty adviser) et. al. | The Human Rights Policy LAB | UNC School of Law

The 287(g) Program: The Costs and Consequences of Local Immigration Enforcement in NC

Mai Thi Nguyen and Hannah Gill | The Latino Migration Project

Latinos in North Carolina: A Growing Part of the State’s Economic and Social Landscape

Hannah Gill | For The Immigration Policy Center

The Latino Migration Experience in North Carolina: New Roots in the Old North State

Hannah Gill | The University of North Carolina Press

Expert Witnesses in U.S. Asylum Cases

Kelcey Baker, Katherine Freeman, Gigi Warner and Professor Deborah M. Weissman | UNC School of Law

The Policies and Politics of the Local Immigration Enforcement Laws 287(g) Program in North Carolina

Deborah M. Weissman et. al. | ACLU of North Carolina and UNC School of Law

Immigrant Integration in NC: A Summit for Cities and Towns

The Latino Migration Project | The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Pierce Holloway Joins the BIC Team!

Pierce Holloway Joins the BIC Team!
Pierce Holloway is a first-year master’s student at the Department of City and Regional Planning with a focus on Climate Change Adaptation. || Pierce Holloway está en el primer año de su maestría en el programa de Planificación Urbana y Regional con un enfoque en Adaptación a Cambio Climático.
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