LMP in the News

City of Winston-Salem receives language access grant

US Fed News | September 2022

A multifaceted win Sanford faith leaders host back-to-school event with Central Carolina Community College

Education NC | August 2022

Chapel Hill receives $375,000 to use for refugee, immigrant support initiative.

The Daily Tar Heel | August 2022

Chapel Hill’s Building Integrated Communities Program Helping Immigrants, Now With New Funds

Chapelboro | August 2022

On Air Today: ‘Building Integrated Communities’ in Chapel Hill

Chapelboro 97.9 the Hill | August 2022

Town of Chapel Hill Receives $375,000 Grant to Support Immigrant and Refugee Populations

The Local Reporter | August 2022

New funding boosts support of Building Integrated Communities program

UNC College of Arts and Sciences | June 2022

Building Integrated Communities Presentation at Washington Noon Rotary

Washington Daily News | May 2022

a href=”https://migration.unc.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2022/11/Equity_Task_Force_findings__Sanford_Herald_The_NC___January_26_2022.pdf”>Equity Task Force findings

Sanford Herald | Janaury 2022

Immigrant Advisory Committee creates subcommittees to tackle BIC plan

Chatham News & Record | January 2022

El Comité Asesor de Inmigrantes crea subcomisiones para implementar el plan BIC

Chatham News & Record | January 2022

Lee County Commissioners to hear from the Sanford Equity Task Force

Sanford Herald | January 2022

Siler City Immigrant Advisory Committee meets for the first time

Chatham News & Record | December 2021

El Comité Asesor de Inmigrantes de Siler City se reúne por primera vez

Chatham News & Record | December 2021

Siler City Immigrant Advisory Committee members are finally appointed

Chatham News & Record | November 2021

Por fin se nombran los miembros del Comité Asesor de Inmigrantes de Siler City

Chatham News & Record | November 2021

Equity Task Force makes recommendations to City Council

The RANT | November 2021

Junta de commissionados de Siler City toma medidas para apoyar mejor a la comunidad

The Chatham News Record | June 2021

El Vínculo Hispano opens Sanford office

The Sanford Herald | June 2021

Sanford Equity Task Force moves forward

The Sanford Herald | March 2021

City equity task force launches subcommittees

The Sanford Herald | January 2021

City equity task force holds first meeting

The Sanford Herald | November 2020

City leaders plan to address racial inequity in Sanford

The Sanford Herald | August 2020

UNC Chapel Hill students learn about migration and heritage on Ocracoke

The Ocracoke Observer | May 2020

Building Integrated Communities in Sanford

ncIMPACT Initiative | May 2020

Oral History Night in Ocracoke

The Ocracoke Observer | March 2020

Sanford Signs Sister City Agreement with Atizapán de Zaragoza, Mexico

News from BIC partners | October 2019

Siler City Plans for Integrated Future

Chatham County Line | May 2019

These politics and policies have effects on human life: UNC panel on immigration

The Dailty Tar Heel | Spring 2018

Town of Chapel Hill and UNC aim to bring the gap for immigrant and refugee residents

The Dailty Tar Heel | Spring 2018

Winston-Salem wins National League of Cities cultural diversity award

YES! Weekly | Spring 2017

Winston-Salem honored for aid to immigrants

Winston Salem Journal | Spring 2017

Winston-Salem wins National League of Cities Cultural Diversity Award

The Chronicle of Winston-Salem | Spring 2017

Latino Migration Project selects Chapel Hill for partnership

Chapelboro.com | Spring 2017

New Roots/Nuevas Raíces: Stories from Carolina del Norte

Southern Cultures | Winter 2016

Migration Narratives’ Panel Discussion Explores Immigrants’ Experience of Life in the United States

UNC Global Webpage | Winter 2016

SILS Alumna Jaycie Vos and Student María Ramírez Recognized at OHA for Work with New Roots/Nuevas Raíces

UNC School of Library Science | Winter 2016

New Roots Records the History of Migrants for the Future

‘Technician Online’ | Spring 2016

Mayor Chet Mann Remarks from BIC Sanford Meeting

Latino Migration Project Blog | Winter 2015

Latino Migration Project Issues Report on Immigrant Integration in North Carolina

UNC Global Webpage | Winter 2015

Greetings from ZSR’s Executive Director

ZSR.org | Winter 2015

Speaker Higlights NC Relations Program

GoDanRiver.com | Winter 2015

Southern Cities Lead Immigrant Intergration

Americas Quarterly | Summer 2014

From Tobacco to Tortillas: Latinos Remake Durham, North Carolina

NBC News | Summer 2014

CURS Co-Sponsors NC Immigrant Intergration Summit

UNC Center for Urban and Regional Studies | Summer 2014

Uniting NC Co-Sponsors NC Immigrant Intergration Summit

Uniting NC | Summer 2014

UNC’s Latino Migration Project looks to better intergrate immigrants into communities

The Daily Tar Heel | Winter 2014

UNC Latino Migration Project’s Building Intergrated Communites’ Program Will Add Two New Cities With 100k Grant

LatinOne.com | Winter 2014

Guanajuato Connections: Experiencing the Global South

Carolina Arts & Sciences Magazine | Summer 2013

Study Questions Use, Cost of Deportation Program

UNC Global | Spring 2010

The Spotlight

In recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month, eastern NC leaders strengthen community ties

Hispanic Heritage Month in Washington, NC
In a rural part of eastern North Carolina, leaders are gaining momentum in efforts to strengthen connections with immigrant families.
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