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Winston-Salem Service and Resource Directory

Winston-Salem and Forsyth County Services for Immigrants and Refugee Residents | Winston-Salem Building Integrated Communities

NC Latinx Resource Directory

Google Maps NC Latinx Resource Directory | AMEXCAN

Chapel Hill’s Journey to Language Justice Video Presentation

Sarah Viñas | 2020 Winston-Salem Newcomers Symposium

Building Integrated Communities Winston-Salem Pipeline Presentation

Mari Jo Turner | 2020 Winston-Salem Newcomers Symposium

Impacts from COVID-19 on Human Trafficking Video Presentation

Rachel Parker | 2020 Winston-Salem Newcomers Symposium

Racial Equity in Local Government Presentation

Ana Nuñez | 2020 Winston-Salem Newcomers Symposium

A look at “accessioning” in New Roots/Nuevas Raíces

María Silvia Ramírez | The Latino Migration Project

Listen to selected tracks from the new CD “Viva Cackalacky! Latin Music in the New South”

Various Artists | Institute for The Study of The Americas at UNC-Chapel Hill


Policy Resources

COVID-19 Related Policy

Understanding the Impact of Key Provisions of COVID-19 Relief Bills on Immigrant Communities

National Immigration Law Center | May 2020

The Spotlight

Chapel Hill Building Integrated Communities receives national attention

Chapel Hill Building Integrated Communities receives national attention
The Town of Chapel Hill, BIC partner from 2017-2019, received national recognition for its language access plan from the Migration Policy Institute report.
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