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Expert Witnesses in U.S. Asylum Cases – This handbook encourages faculty, graduate students, and others who might qualify as experts to consider serving as experts in asylum cases. Created by the UNC School of Law Human Rights Policy Lab 

Building Integrated Communities through Language Rights– This policy report provides critical information for statewide entities and initiatives working to assist with immigrant integration, particularly in regard to advocacy for language access and language rights of minority populations. The brief has four sections: Law, Legal Norms, and Language Rights; Assessments, Oversight, Compliance, and Best Practices; and Special Populations—Unaccompanied Minors. Authors: Ashleigh Davis, Ikee Gardner, Patricia Heyen, Jacob Oakes, Caroline Outten, Leslie Puzo, Shun Ming Yau and Faculty Adviser, Deborah Weissman. Expert Witnesses in U.S. Asylum Cases

The Policies and Politics of the Local Immigration Enforcement Laws 287(g) Program in North Carolina – This Executive Summary, also available in Spanish, examines the effectiveness of the 287(g) section of the Immigration and Nationality Act. It was created by Deborah Weissman, Rebecca C. Headen, and Katherine Lewis Parker.

Guide for Undocumented Youth – A guide available in English and Spanish to help undocumented youth and their families prepare to make higher education a reality. This was created by recent grad Mireille Vargas based on her undergraduate honors thesis titled, “Unwanted Americans?: Undocumented Youth with American Dreams.”

Picking Empty Pockets – A report from the UNC Immigration/Human Rights Policy Clinic on wage theft with a focus on undocumented workers.

New Americans in North Carolina, Immigration Policy Center


Latino Migration Film Guide

Listen to selected tracks from the new CD “Viva Cackalacky! Latin Music in the New South”

ISA sponsors the Global Music Show. Listen Here.


List of service sites (updated 2016) at UNC Chapel Hill and in the local community that work with immigrants and refugees.