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In 2014, the Winston-Salem BIC project began to gather demographic information, convene public discussion groups with more than 200 residents, review local resources, and survey foreign-born residents from 23 countries of origin. This process heavily informed the Winston-Salem Action Plan which includes recommendations to improve several community-identified issues such as educational support, government communication, health care access, and public transportation.
To learn more, please review the documents below and visit their website here.

Pipeline Orientation

The Winston-Salem Pipeline was created by the Winston-Salem BIC program to synthesize City/Community resources and information for immigrant and refugee newcomers. The Pipeline includes quarterly multilingual informational sessions and a one-stop-shop informational resource guide. Winston Salem BIC is facilitated by the City of Winston Salem’s Human Relations / Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Department and is comprised of local immigrant and community leaders who meet regularly to provide guidance to City leaders.

For more information and resources related to Winston Salem BIC, visit City of Winston-Salem’s BIC website . The website features a multilingual online directory of resources in Education, Health, Housing, Interfaith, Legal, Safety, and Transportation. As a result of the Winston-Salem BIC Pipeline, the City of Winston-Salem received a national award from the National League of Cities.

Check out this video for more details about the Winston-Salem Pipeline

Winston-Salem Newcomers Symposium

Since 2018, Winston-Salem’s Human Relations Department annually holds a Newcommers Symposium to provide an opportunity for providers to come together and learn how they can better assist and support immigrant residents.

In the fall of 2020, the Winston-Salem Newcomers Symposium was held virtually and was attended by over 100 individuals from all across the state. The sessions provided covered an array of topics specifically on how COVID impacted various areas. Below is the list of the sessions that are available via video.


Winston-Salem, NC

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