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Building Integrated Communities


Building Integrated Communities (BIC) is a statewide initiative that helps North Carolina local governments successfully engage with immigrants and refugee populations in order to improve public safety, promote economic development, enhance communication, and improve relationships. As a result of working with BIC, local governments and diverse community stakeholders have the tools to generate locally-relevant strategies to strengthen immigrant civic engagement, linguistic achievement, and economic/educational advancement.

The program is supported by the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation.

Weaving a Tapestry 

A number of North Carolina municipalities are seeking out more inclusive, integration-focused-planning, which is a collaborative process of mutual learning and accommodation involving relationship building and dialogue with immigrants.

All communities are different, with their own histories, relationships, and local actors playing an important role in influencing outcomes. For this reason, the Building Integrated Communities process is designed to address the unique needs of a locality.

Our Process
bic2172014BIC is driven by community partners who define their goals and priorities, and who are responsible for the eventual implementation of integration strategies. Both municipalities and the BIC team commit three years to ensuring goals are reached and strategies are implemented.

Municipalities will commit financial resources and significant and sustained time to enhancing immigrant integration. Specifically, mayors, city managers and representatives of all city agencies will participate in the planning process, which includes:

  • A community needs assessment
  • Relationship building and dialogue with local immigrant leaders

BIC team commits:

  • Meeting facilitation
  • Community needs assessments, research on demography, and best practices


Since 2010, BIC has worked with the City of Greenville, the City of High Point, and Orange County. We are pleased to work with the cities of Sanford and Winston-Salem.

Awards and Recognition: