BIC Launches RFA for the 2020-23 Cycle

Is your local government interested in applying to Building Integrated Communities? Please visit Request for Applications 2019 to learn more about the program and the selection process, and to also download the application in PDF format.

On the application, we ask five key questions:

1) What is your motivation for participating in this project?

2) What assets currently exist in your community to support this work?

3) What do you hope to accomplish through BIC?

4) Please demonstrate a commitment from other stakeholders in your community to participate in this program. Please provide two letters of support from individuals who would potentially participate in the program. If possible, we ask that one of the letters of support come from a leader in local immigrant communities, and one from the mayor, city/county manager, or city council member.

5) Who will be the program liaison in the local government? Please provide contact information.

The application form is a fillable PDF document. Please download the document here, then you’ll be able to fill it out on Acrobat Reader, save the file, attach it to an email and submit.

The deadline for receiving applications will be in late January, and we hope to conduct a site visit or have a conference call with all applicants during January. We aim to notify applicants in February and hope to start new partnerships in March of 2020.

BIC Launches RFA for the 2020-23 Cycle