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Siler City BIC Project | Proyecto Siler City BIC

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The Siler City Building Integrated Communities Project (Siler City BIC) is a two-year collaboration between the Town of Siler City, The Hispanic Liaison/El Vínculo Hispano, and the statewide Building Integrated Communities program at UNC-Chapel Hill. Siler City BIC is a community planning project, which means that community members and government staff are working together to develop town plans. The goals are to:

  • Share and build knowledge about Siler City’s foreign-born and Hispanic/Latinx residents
  • Develop strategies for improving relationships and supporting foreign-born and Hispanic/Latinx residents
  • Increase resident participation and leadership in local government

What are we doing now?

  • Siler City BIC Action Plan for Immigrants Integration:

Click to check the Action Plan for Siler City


  • Plan de acción BIC para la integración de los inmigrantes en Siler City:

Consulte aquí el plan de acción para Siler City


  • This graphic shows our project timeline:

During this project, we will use this web page to share any helpful information or materials that we create, such as community reports or town plans. You can also sign up below to receive updates and materials by email.

How can you be involved?

The Siler City BIC Project is guided by a local steering committee (leadership team) of 25+ people who meet every month. The members of the Siler City BIC Steering Committee include:

  • Town and county staff
  • Community members from local Hispanic/Latinx advocacy and service groups, diverse faith communities, and health organizations
  • Other foreign-born community leaders

This committee will host discussion groups and public meetings to listen to ideas from other residents. Please sign up below to receive invitations to these events!

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For more information about the Siler City BIC Project, contact:
Bryan Thompson, Siler City Town Manager / +1 919-742-2323
Ilana Dubester, Executive Director of The Hispanic Liaison/El Vínculo Hispano / +1 919-742-1448 (habla español)

For information about the statewide Building Integrated Communities program, contact: / +1 919-962-2412 (se habla español)
or visit

The statewide BIC initiative provides in-depth research and facilitation support to local government partners for integration planning. BIC is supported by the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation.