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Siler City BIC publishes Action Plan and advances into Implementation Phase

The Siler City Building Integrated Communities (BIC) Initiative announces the publication of the BIC Action Plan, available in English and Spanish at The Latino Migration Project website. The BIC Action Plan is the result of two years of public meetings and strategy sessions that engaged immigrant residents of Siler City, detailed in the report, “Siler City Community Perspectives and Recommendations for Local Government” (also available in English and Spanish). The Action Plan is organized around eight key areas: Communication, Leadership, Business and Entrepreneurship, Parks and Recreation, Housing, Youth Mental Health, Public Safety and Law Enforcement, and Public Transportation. In addition to detailing some of the challenges they experience, community members also identified some solutions to address their obstacles.

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Over the next year, the Town of Siler City and community stakeholders will implement the action plan. Some of the proposed actions include:

  • Create a bilingual communications plan for the Town of Siler City
  • Create a Latino community advisory committee to the Town of Siler City
  • Offer a “Basics of Starting a Business” Seminar to be held in Spanish
  • Translate the Siler City Parks and Recreation Program Guide into Spanish
  • Encourage mechanisms of self-advocacy with a particular focus on non-English speakers
  • Expand Communities in Schools programming to additional schools in Siler City
  • Siler City PD will participate in an implicit bias training
  • Enhance walkability for Siler City residents, particularly immigrant residents

The Building Integrated Communities Program is an initiative of the Latino Migration Project at UNC Chapel Hill in collaboration with local governments, community residents and organization leaders. For more information about the statewide program, and to apply to the program, visit the BIC website or contact, or For information specifically about Siler City BIC, please visit the Siler City BIC page.