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LISTEN—2017 interviews available in the New Roots/Nuevas Raíces Archive


Eight new oral history interviews are now available in the New Roots: Voices from Carolina del Norte digital archive. The interviews were conducted in the spring of 2017 by UNC undergraduate students in Dr. Hannah Gill’s APPLES Latin American Immigrant Perspectives: Ethnography in Action course. Some of the themes covered in these stories include issues surrounding identity, family, community and social services and programs, integration and segregation, language, and education. Click on the links below to listen to the interviewees and learn about their experiences and perspective on migration in North Carolina.

·         Antonio Alanis ·         Laura Diaz Leal
·         Kristina Caltabiano ·         Laura Ornelas
·         Madison Hayes ·         Elizabeth Price
·         Olivia Joyner ·         Claire Weintraub

A special thanks to Claire Weintraub, Raina Enrique, Elsa Steiner, and Olivia Joyner for conducting these amazing interviews and to all the interviewees for sharing their story. Stay tuned for new additions to the archive coming very soon!