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New Report Presents First In-Depth Look at Sanford Immigrants, Recommendations for Stronger City and County

BIC in Sanford and Lee County

Read it now:

Read it now.

Contact: Jessica ‘Jessicalee’ White, BIC Researcher & Program Coordinator at The Latino Migration Project; Tel. 610-220-3782; Fax 919-962-0398

CHAPEL HILL AND SANFORD, NC: Researchers from The Latino Migration Project at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill published findings today from a year-long assessment of immigrant residents in Sanford and Lee County. The in-depth research was conducted as part of the widely supported, three-year Sanford Building Integrated Communities (BIC) project, a collaborative initiative of the City of Sanford, local residents and organization leaders, and The Latino Migration Project. It represents the first major step in an innovative planning process to improve relationships, promote immigrant civic engagement, and enhance economic and educational development.

The report is currently available to the public in English at
A full Spanish translation will also be published online and distributed.

In addition to providing a full demographic profile of immigrant and Hispanic/Latino residents in Sanford and Lee County, the report highlights the input of over 300 county residents from 14 different countries of origin who were surveyed about their experiences, as well more than 200 residents who participated in bilingual public meetings this past spring. An Executive Summary summarizes the major issues and related recommendations that residents identified, including: Health Care Access, Driver’s Licenses and Alternative ID, Education and Schools, Government Communication, Police Activities, Public Transportation, and Work and Workers’ Rights.

Sanford BIC will use this report to create a comprehensive action plan for local immigrant integration. Immigrant residents of Sanford and Lee County are especially invited to participate and help direct the planning process. Interested residents should contact Jessica ‘Jessicalee’ White, BIC Researcher and Coordinator, at 919-962-2414 or (habla español) or Marshall Downey, Director of Sanford/Lee County Planning and Development, at (919) 777-1115 or