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Event: Municipalities, Immigrant Communities, and Title VI Compliance

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“Municipalities, Immigrant Communities, and Title VI Compliance”
A presentation by the UNC School of Law Human Rights Policy Seminar for Building Integrated Communities
UNC Law Students working with the Building Integrated Communities Project will present on issues related to language access and municipal services for all residents. 
Topics include:
  • An overview of the legal obligations of municipalities and local agencies to provide language access to limited English proficient residents.
  • An overview of international human rights obligations including human rights treaties that relate to language rights and how these principles to municipalities and agencies.
  • An overview of European models developed in conjunction with the movement of people throughout the European Union that have been successful in the realm of language rights.
  • A description of models and best practices developed by BIC partner cities.
  • A description of best practices from other municipalities outside of North Carolina.
  • Ongoing challenges and the identification of resources are most likely to help agencies achieve Title VI and other legal compliance.
Open to the public, free parking
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