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Alumna Provides Pro Bono Legal Services to Women and Children in Artesia, New Mexico


Alarming images of women and children have emerged on the news, illustrating the urgent humanitarian crisis at the U.S. border. Thousands from Central America seek asylum or other protections and are being housed at a detention facility in Artesia, New Mexico. According to Destination Due Process, “without proper representation, statistically only 1 or 10 of them will succeed in the claims for relief or asylum — to which they are entitled under current US laws.”


Natalie Teague; Photo by Mike Belleme

Natalie Teague, Latin American Studies ’04 alumna, seeks to change that.

Teague is the owner and founding attorney at Teague Immigration Law Office in Asheville, NC. She is spending Oct. 18-25 in Artesia, New Mexico with three other North Carolina-based bilingual immigration attorneys. The team is providing pro bono legal services to women and children and documenting their experiences on the blog, Destination Due ProcessTeague writes, “Quite frankly, it does not matter what you believe about our immigration system — detaining children is wrong.  I have visited clients in both state and federal facilities and this is some of the tightest security I’ve ever seen — more than what happens when defendants are on trial for the most heinous of crimes. But the kicker is that these are moms and kids.”

Read more from Natalie and the team here.

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